A side-by-side comparison of the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan vs. 2018 Ford Escape

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan vs. 2018 Ford Escape

Every automaker operating in the United States, including Volkswagen, is fiercely fighting for customers' attention to its current crop of crossover SUV. As it applies to what is available at Spitzer VW, that means the newest generation of the Tiguan. Because this competition is so intense, the dealership wants to help potential buyers in doing some comparison shopping. Taking a look at the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan vs. 2018 Ford Escape shows just how much the recent redesign has put the new VW crossover SUV at, or near, the very top of the class. For the new model year, the 2018 Tiguan has been lengthened, given a more impressive power plant as well as received upgrades to its connectivity options.

There are few common areas in which all crossover SUVs are judged. For many, the most important of those categories are seating capacity and cargo space. The 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan easily outshines the 2018 Ford Escape in each of those. The additional 10 inches that have been added to the wheelbase of the 2018 Tiguan has resulted in a significant increase in available passenger and cargo space. When the interior of the 2018 VW Tiguan is properly configured, up to 73.5 cubic-feet of cargo volume is available. This is significantly more than the 68 cubic-feet of the 2018 Escape. Additionally, buyers of the 2018 Tiguan can choose to have third-row of seats added. This option is not available for the Ford Escape.

2018 VW Tiguan 2018 Ford Escape
Turbo., 2.0-L, 4-Cyl. Engine Turbo., 1.5-L, 4-Cyl.
184/221 Horsepower/Torque 179/177
Eight-speed automatic Transmission Six-speed automatic
73.5 cu.-ft. Max. Cargo Space 68 cu.-ft.

2018 Tiguan Performance Specifications

Both Volkswagen and Ford have made wide use of modern turbocharging technology to be able to offer more performance while still providing impressive fuel economy scores. The entry-level powertrain setup for the 2018 VW Tiguan is a turbocharged, 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine making 184 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque. Power is sent to the front wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. Spitzer Volkswagen customers can also choose all-wheel-drive which is equipped on selected trim grades. By comparison, the 2018 Escape starts its buyers out with a much smaller 1.5-liter, four-cylinder power plant making 179 horsepower and uses a six-speed automatic.

A front left profile view of an orange 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan
A close up photo of the touchscreen interface available in the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

A photo of the available third row seat that can be added to the 2018 VW Tiguan.
A view of how much total cargo space can be used with the 2018 Tiguan when both rear rows are folded down.

A left profile view of an orange 2018 Volkwagen Tiguan

How much passenger-room is in the 2018 Tiguan?

We are excited for the 2018 edition of the Volkswagen Tiguan to arrive here at Spitzer Volkswagen. It is slated to join our inventory at the end of the summer, which is perfect for when you and the family are ready to head back to school. Your kids aren’t the only ones who went through a growth spurt this summer. The 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan grew more than 10 inches, which means that its cabin is more spacious than ever before!

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A rear quarter view of a 2018 VW Tiguan traveling down a country road

2018 VW Tiguan towing capacity information

Whether you’re interested in the five or seven-seat model, the new 2018 VW Tiguan looks like it is shaping up to be quite the vehicle. The new Tiguan fills an important slot in the VW lineup. This sleek compact SUV has the perfect blend of efficiency, power and interior room. However, while efficiency is nice, it’s also important to many people to have a bit of towing power. Thankfully, the 2018 VW Tiguan is able to pull a trailer behind it.

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A left front quarter view of the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack
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