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Which Volkswagen vehicles have all-wheel-drive?

Advances in vehicle safety have reached previously unthought of levels in the modern lineup of Volkswagen hatchbacks and crossover SUVs available in the Spitzer VW showroom. One of the most overlooked elements to the equation of giving owners sufficient peace of mind is the 4Motion® all-wheel-drive system. Available on popular models like the Tiguan, a couple of versions of the Golf Family as well as the all-new Atlas, the 4Motion® helps drivers successfully navigate icy, snow-covered or otherwise less-than-ideal road conditions without much thought given by the person behind the wheel. Because this is such a popular feature and more buyers are asking for it, the Spitzer VW team wants to help identify which Volkswagen vehicles have all-wheel-drive. Customers who would like to see 4Motion® in action can schedule a test drive with one of our product experts today.

What is Volkswagen 4Motion®?

Without diving too deep into the dense world of automotive jargon, Volkswagen 4Motion® is a system where power from the engine is evenly distributed to all four wheels, all of the time. This is done to prevent drivers from losing control of the vehicle when the road is slippery. Exactly how the power is sent from the engine to the wheels will depend on how the engine is installed in the vehicle. 

How does 4Motion® work?

All-wheel-drive systems like Volkswagen 4Motion® perform their duties by storing power in reserve that can be applied to any wheel that starts to lose traction and break free from the surface of the road. Furthermore, the 4Motion® system seamlessly integrates into the operation of other Volkswagen active safety systems like its electronic stabilization program, traction control and electronic differential lock. 

Continuing reading below to learn more about each vehicle that is available with this highly-regarded safety feature.

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