What to Do When Your Lease Is Coming to an End?

What to Do When Your Lease Is Coming to an End?

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Is Your Volkswagen’s Lease Coming to Its End?

If you’re ready to end your Volkswagen’s lease, there’s surely one big question on your mind: What should I do now? How do I return a car at the End of a Lease?

After all, there’s a surge of thoughts flooding through your head, like, “What if I like my VW? Is there a lease return center I should visit? Can I lease another VW?

Or, maybe your thoughts align more with “I have no idea what to do.” And that’s perfectly fine.

Whatever the case, the Spitzer Volkswagen of Amherst Lease Return Center is here to help you with all the big questions on your mind. We’re also here to guide and walk you through the entire process any way we can.

You can also stop by the Spitzer Volkswagen of Amherst Lease Return Center in person, and we’ll walk you step by step through the process.

What If I Didn’t Lease Through Spitzer Volkswagen of Amherst?

Not an issue. You can return your lease to us—regardless of where your lease originated. Even if your lease isn’t from a dealership in Ohio, we’re still happy to accept your vehicle return and discuss your options for proceeding.

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What If I Really Like My Leased VW?

Falling in love with your vehicle is easy to do when you’re driving one of the world’s finest pieces of German machinery. If you feel attached to your Volkswagen, you can buy it outright after your lease ends.

In fact, your lease includes a pre-determined buyout price for this exact situation. Members of our finance team at our Finance Center will even walk you through your best loan options to help you buy your leased VW at a price that works for you.

Another benefit of buying your leased Volkswagen is that you won’t need to pay for any excess miles you drive or extra wear. We’re also happy to prepare all the paperwork for you to keep your workload as light as possible.

If your leased Volkswagen qualifies for the VW Certified-Pre-Owned process, we’re also happy to certify your car for you before you purchase.

For more information, Contact Spitzer Volkswagen of Amherst, and we’ll walk you through further instructions on how to proceed.

What Do I Need to Do Before I Return My Leased Volkswagen?

  1. Start by scheduling a complimentary inspection about 60 days before your lease ends. This inspection will take a look for any excess damage that’s not covered by the dings and dents of your initial lease contract
  2. Return your VW when your lease period ends.
  3. Select a fresh and new Volkswagen (if you’re interested in leasing a new vehicle)

If you decide to lease a new VW, our sales team will be happy to help you with your selection by walking you through our inventory, and helping you find a car that’s right your commutes, driving style, and anything else you want from your ride.

What Should I Bring When I Return My Leased VW?

When you arrive with your leased VW, come with all sets of keys for the car. You’ll also want to bring your owner’s manual, and (of course) the leased vehicle. Beyond that, we can take care of the rest.

Can I End My Lease Early?

In most cases, the answer is yes.

Depending on the condition of your current VW, we’ll walk you through all the paperwork and steps needed to end your lease early. And, of course, we can also help you select the Volkswagen to lease next.

What If I Don’t Know What to Do Next?

That’s fine—in fact, it’s completely normal.

If you haven’t already, schedule an inspection. This way, we can get all your ducks in a row in case you decide to return your current lease/ lease a new car.

Feel free to contact us to speak to a member of our team at our Lease Return Center. We’ll discuss your end-of-lease options with you. And, while we won’t tell you what to do, we’ll give you our advice if you need it.

Where Do I Go to Return My Leased Volkswagen?

Head to Spitzer Volkswagen of Amherst. We’ll walk you through all the steps of returning a leased car, as well as help you with any questions that come to mind.

For leasing your next VW, take a look at our inventory, and let us know which vehicle you’d like to test drive. Be sure to test out the power and comfort features while you’re on the road to ensure it’s the perfect ride for you.

As your local car dealership in Amherst, our job is to help you every way we can with leasing or buying a new car. So, stop by our Lease Return Center and let us know how we can assist you today.

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