The Benefits of Driving Electric

July 17th, 2022 by

The Benefits of Driving Electric

Discover the Benefits of Driving Electric

Welcome to the World of Electric Driving

Every day more and more electric vehicles take the road for the first time, showing drivers that they can travel, road trip, and have fun behind the wheel without ever burning a drop of fuel. Though drivers who have made the switch to electric vehicles never want to turn back, there are so many motorists on the road who don’t know the benefits of driving electric vehicles. Some believe driving electric is inconvenient, or expensive, while others suffer from extreme range anxiety and fail to see how incredible driving electric can be.

Come with us as we at Spitzer Volkswagen in Amherst, OH uncover the benefits of driving an electric vehicle, and discover how we feature affordable Volkswagen electric vehicles for you to purchase today!

Discover VW Electric Models

Crossovers and SUVs are some of the most popular models sold in the United States, but as gas prices continue to soar, Americans are looking for more fuel efficient options. The Volkswagen ID.4 is an all-electric SUV that features more than 64 cubic feet of storage space, riveting performance and offers an EPA estimated range of 260 miles. It’s stylish, offers all the connected tech you can ask for, and even features an all wheel drive option.

The all-new Volkswagen ID. Buzz is our brand new all-electric van that seats five passengers, features an adjustable load floor, and an estimated range of 260 miles. Featuring up to 295 horsepower and delivering instant torque, this is undoubtedly the all-star van you’ve always wanted.

There’s So Many Benefits to Electric Driving

Better Performance

One of the many performance benefits that electric vehicles offer over their gasoline counterparts is that they offer instant torque. While internal combustion engines have to rev higher to build power, electric vehicles offer instant performance, so they feature snappier and more fulfilling acceleration. Because EVs feature batteries on their floors, they feature a better, and more balanced center of gravity, so they often feature more balanced handling.

Never Stop for Gas

While gasoline vehicles require intermittent stops at the gas station, electric vehicles can be charged overnight at home. This means that you can wake up every morning with a fully charged battery! The average American only drives 30 miles per day, so you’ll never worry about a low battery, and because charging stations are expanding all over America, road trips are a breeze too!

Tax credit

Currently, electric vehicles feature a $7,500 tax credit, offsetting some of the cost!

Lower Energy Costs

Charging a vehicle at home costs a fraction of filling a vehicle at a fueling station. Electric vehicles offer significant fuel savings over gasoline vehicles!

Environmentally Friendly

Zero tailpipe emissions means better for the environment! Driving electric means that you can trek the road completely guilt free!

Get Your Electric ID.4 Today at Volkswagen of Amherst

The benefits of driving an electric vehicle are astounding, and the great news is that you can get your hands on one today. Here at Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst, we welcome you to come in and explore our electric models for yourself. Not only do we feature a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from, but we also offer outstanding specials for you to take advantage of.

We proudly serve the Lorain, and Elyria, OH areas and we welcome you to come in and take a test drive today!

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