Leasing vs. Buying a Car

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Leasing vs. Buying a Car

Start Here for Buying vs. Leasing Clarity

You’re not alone if you’re debating whether you should buy or lease your next Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst model in Amherst, Ohio—but you don’t have to let this situation lead you toward indecisiveness.

The answer to whether buying or leasing is best for you will depend on your driving habits and preferences.

What do we mean by that?

Driving habits relative to buying or leasing include your driving frequency and average driving distances—while automotive preferences can consist of a desire to modify a car or keep the vehicle long term.

Let’s begin examining how buying or leasing will or won’t serve your driving habits and preferences so you can make a more confident car shopping decision.

The Promises of a Volkswagen Purchase

Buying is the direct route to complete Volkswagen ownership. Most drivers purchase their Volkswagen through an automotive loan that incurs monthly payments over a specified period. Pay off an auto loan, and the Volkswagen will be yours and yours alone.

A certain percentage of drivers may avoid an auto loan due to a fear of being locked in. While it’s most financially advantageous to pay off a Volkswagen before selling or trading it in toward another one of our dealership’s models—you can sell or trade-in your car any time during your loan. You’ll more easily maintain your vehicle’s value through Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst’s New and Certified Pre-Owned inventory warranties that connect you to our certified Service Center and original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM).

Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst’s online Value Your Trade tool helps you get a fast and accurate appraisal so you can make major strides toward your next Volkswagen.

Have you heard that leases are less expensive?

It’s true that Volkswagen loans tend to come with higher average upfront and monthly payments, but these costs are often worth it in the long run since you’re working toward complete vehicle ownership.

Leasing vs. Buying a Car—Pros and Cons

Flexibility and lower average costs are the two most significant benefits that a Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst lease has to offer.

Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst leases allow you to drive a Volkswagen for a certain length of time that averages two-four years. You’ll pay monthly lease payments during the course of your lease—and when the lease concludes, we’ll help you transition into a new lease, assist you in buying the car, or you can hand us the keys and walk away.

Leasing a Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst model for two-four years helps you circumnavigate potentially high repair costs associated with long-term ownership and expired warranties—all while shielding you from the car’s continuous depreciation.

The main drawbacks of leases are mileage limits, potential wear and tear penalties, and not having the ability to customize the vehicle.

Leasing a Car vs. Buying Used or New—You’ll Win either Way

Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst’s Finance Center can evaluate your situation to guide you toward a buying or leasing decision that’s custom-tailored to your driving needs and preferences.

Pre-qualify for financing and estimate your monthly payments on our site to get a running start on acquiring your next Volkswagen.

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