Is Your Vehicle Ready for Fall Weather?

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Is Your Vehicle Ready for Fall Weather?

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Fall Weather?

Fall Car Maintenance in Amherst, Ohio

When the weather drops, road conditions become more treacherous, which is why the service center at Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst recommends several fall car maintenance tips. We invite you to use our convenient online service scheduling tool and browse our service specials to prepare your VW for the impending chilly weather and slippery roads.

Car Maintenance Tips for Fall

Season changes are ideal times for VW maintenance. When the temperatures drop, it’s a great time to check several components in your Volkswagen Golf or Atlas Cross Sport. Our service technicians can do a multi-point inspection to check your brake pads, tire tread depth, filters, and brake fluids. The technicians will also inspect your vehicle’s windshield wiper blades, brake lights, belts, hoses, and tire pressure.

If the technicians detect any issues that could affect your vehicle performance or safety, they will inform your service advisor who will recommend the next steps. If you need new tires, brakes, or other services, your service advisor can help you schedule follow-up appointments.

You can also request a car battery inspection. When our factory-trained and certified technicians check your battery, they look at the battery, the terminals, and wiring to determine the remaining life span. Most vehicles need new batteries between 50,000 and 75,000 miles. Many drivers proactively replace their batteries to prevent becoming stranded on the road when the temperatures drop.

Staying Safe and Warm in Your Volkswagen Vehicle

All Volkswagen vehicles – from the compact crossovers to the midsize sedans – need routine maintenance. We recommend having our technicians inspect your heating and cooling system. When the temperatures drop, you’ll want your heater and defroster to function perfectly, so you stay warm and safe on the road.

The fall is the perfect time to have your cabin air filter changed. During the summer, your cabin air filter collects dust, pollen, and road dirt. Eventually, the filter gets clogged so those particles move into your cabin. When you’ve got the windows up enjoying the warmth from your heater, you want to breathe clean air. While our technicians are changing your air filter, it’s a good idea to request they check your compressor, condenser, fans, and other heating and cooling components.

Our fall car maintenance tips also include the car care maintenance recommended in your owner’s manual. The change of seasons is a perfect time for a routine oil change or tire rotation. Your service advisor can recommend other routine car care needs as the temperature shifts.

Choose the Service Center at the Volkswagen Dealership Near Lorain, Ohio

The service center at Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst near Elyria, Ohio, is filled with high-tech equipment specifically for Volkswagen cars and SUVs. Our factory-trained technicians are ready to help you prepare your VW for the approaching fall and winter weather so you can stay safe when visibility decreases and the roads become slippery.

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