myVW Mobile App What’s New

August 16th, 2022 by

myVW Mobile App What’s New

myVW Mobile App: Connecting the Modern Way

Connecting More with Your Ride: MyVW Has You Covered

Want to control parts of your vehicle through your smartphone? The myVW® app offers exactly what you’re looking for, from reminding you when it’s time for service, helping you keep track of your payments, and even offering remote access for uncompromised convenience. Want to see how a mobile app can upgrade the way you drive? Download the myVW app today—also, visit us at Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst near Vermillion, OH, and test drive your favorite VW models compatible with this smartphone app.

Wireless Connectivity: Brought to New Remote Levels

With myVW service, you can kick off your commutes and road trips the right way by remote starting your motor with your mobile device as you get ready for your day—you’ll also have access to your climate controls to help ensure you enter a chilled cabin on a muggy summer afternoon or to enter a cozy interior during the winter months. Have an Alexa device at home? You can also tell Alexa to get your car started for a more hands-free approach to the myVW app.

Can’t remember where you parked? The myVW app remembers, and can even help you find your vehicle so that you won’t need to wander around the parking garage or search blocks looking for your ride. If you’re ever caught in a jam like a flat tire or you ran out of fuel on the highway, you can also enter the app to request Volkswagen Roadside Assistance, where help is a tap away.

Manage Your Ride on Your Time: Service and More

Need help remembering the last time you scheduled service (and what was included in your appointment)? Keeping track of receipts creates clutter, but thankfully, the myVW service section of the app lets you see which service repairs you scheduled so long as you worked with a VW service center like ours. Not sure if it’s time for maintenance? No need to worry, as we’ll let you know through the app, helping you manage key parts of your vehicle with ease.

For more convenience, you can also manage your services like the VW Car-New® Safe & Secure subscription and make payments with myVW credit to help you stay on top of virtually everything connected to your vehicle.

Convenience Awaits You: Start Your myVW Account Today

Eager to add a new layer of smarts to your ride? Download the myVW app today—and stop by Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst near Oberlin, OH, to test drive compatible vehicles to cruise in one of the road’s most savvy cars. While you’re here, your needs always rank first, so feel free to ask any questions that pop up or for assistance with installing the app—it’s only the beginning of how we can help you.

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