Volkswagen Climate Control: How it Works

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Volkswagen Climate Control: How it Works

How Climate Control Works in Your Volkswagen

When you get into your Volkswagen, you want to be comfortable for the drive ahead. Thankfully, the advanced Volkswagen Climate Control system is ready to deliver the comfort you desire. With simple to use Volkswagen controls, you can adjust the temperature just right in your new VW. Check out the latest inventory and schedule a test drive at Spitzer Volkswagen in Amherst, OH.

Benefits of Automatic Climate Control

Back in the day, it was common to have manual climate control systems, requiring your input for every function. However, on the newer Volkswagen models, automatic climate control has taken the front stage. You no longer have to play with the knobs and buttons to achieve the warm or cool air you need. Instead, the Volkswagen Climate Control system automatically adjusts to ensure your comfort.

Whether you are using the defroster for winter weather or you are trying to stay cool on a hot summer day, you want to know that your cabin will be inviting and comfortable. Volkswagen vehicles offer numerous air conditioning systems designed to provide the interior relief or coziness you crave.

How Does Intelligent Climate Control Work?

Volkswagen Climate Control systems come in many varieties, depending on what model you’ve chosen. Some offer zoned temperature control, ensuring that no one in the cabin is too hot or cold. All of the systems offer cabin temperature infotainment systems that are simple to use.

Some newer models also offer Smart Climate Control. This system goes beyond your typical automatic air functions and offers settings, such as “Fresh Air” or “Warm Hands.” In new Golf models, it is available with 3-zone automatic air conditioning complete with an allergen filter. To use the advanced voice control, you simply tell the system “I am warm” or “I am cold.” From there the system handles the rest for optimal comfort.

Troubleshooting Your Volkswagen Climate Control

What do you do when there’s a problem with the Volkswagen Climate Control in Amherst, OH? Maybe you’ve noticed the air flows less than it once did or maybe the temperature doesn’t seem accurate. Whatever the situation, it’s important to have factory-trained technicians take a look.

Your average auto repair shop doesn’t understand the advanced technology used in VW vehicles the way your Volkswagen Group does. Not only does our team understand every Volkswagen model, but we always use OEM parts for a superior repair. When your vehicle leaves our shop, it will be repaired to factory specs.

Your One-Stop for Everything Volkswagen

Spitzer Volkswagen is your source for everything related to VW vehicles in Amherst, OH. Whether you want to check out the new models, learn more about the Volkswagen Climate Control or need service, we’ve got you covered. Our team can show you the models with these advanced systems and discuss how it affects fuel economy. Schedule your test drive today.

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