VW anti-theft technology helps owners stay informed

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How does the Volkswagen anti-theft alarm work?
You worked hard for your vehicle. You saved up the money. You did the research. It’s understandable how hurt and scared you’d feel if someone came along and stole your car. Volkswagen takes car theft very seriously and has taken steps to mitigate the risk as much as possible. So, how does the Volkswagen anti-theft alarm work? Technology has made it easier for owners to keep an eye on their vehicles, even when it’s not in their line of sight. We want to make sure you can use all of the tools at your disposal to keep your vehicle safe. Additionally, a small group of our product experts did a little research to find out how you can further prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

How do I know if I have VW Online Anti-Theft Alarm?
The last few model years have really moved Volkswagen forward in terms of available technology for its owners. Whenever we talk about VW Car-Net, we talk about many of the connectivity and convenience options it offers to its users. But many people might not realize that it comes with a security feature. In order to use the anti-theft alarm, VW owners will need to make sure they subscribe to the Security and Service portion of the automaker’s Car-Net service. It is an available option on almost every new vehicle and may be able to be added to older models that are a few years old.

What happens if something happens to my car?
Car alarms have long since fallen out of favor with vehicle owners because they’re not terribly effective if you don’t know it has been activated. The VW Online Anti-Theft Alarm solves this problem by utilizing the one thing you probably never forget when you leave the house, your smartphone. Owners can download an application to their Android-based or Apple smartphone and receive a push notification with a time stamp and a short description of what caused the alert.

How can I prevent my vehicle from being stolen?
Just about every study regarding car theft comes to the same conclusion. The top reasons a vehicle is stolen are a combination of opportunity and owner negligence. Here are some simple things you can do to help yourself out.

Lock it up – Car theft is often a crime of opportunity. If you leave your vehicle unlocked, you’ve already helped the thief overcome a major hurdle.

Out of sight – Be sure to remove valuables from your vehicle when you leave it. If it appears there is nothing to be had, many would-be thieves will pass you by.

Light it up – The dark of night is a car thief’s best friend. If you can secure your vehicle in a locked garage, only park it in well-lighted areas.

Stop by the Spitzer Volkswagen showroom today if you need help downloading the Car-Net apps for your phone or if you would like to see a full demonstration of the technology.

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