VW Digital Cockpit makes information available at your fingertips

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What information is shown by the VW Digital Cockpit?
As vehicles become more technologically advanced, automakers need to find more ways to convey information that is clear and concise, without being distracting and dangerous. The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit can be found on the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas as well as an increasing number of models for the 2019 model year. So, what information is shown by the VW Digital Cockpit? Basically, drivers will be able to view and monitor several different systems easily and safely, with control being based on the steering wheel so drivers are always in control of the vehicle. Let’s take a look at what is possible with the digital cockpit and what potential owners can expect to see.

VW Digital Cockpit basics
The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit is based inside of a 12.3-inch, high-resolution thin-film transistor (TFT) display with 1440 by 540-pixel resolution. This will make all of the information easy-to-read and understand. The most basic function of the VW Digital Cockpit is to let drivers know their settings for various driver-assistance systems, like adaptive cruise control and navigation information. You can see a full-scale demonstration of this technology today by making an appointment with a Spitzer VW product expert today.

Friendly from the beginning
Drivers can customize the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit to offer what they need right from the start. After pressing the start button, the system will great the driver by name and automatically adjust their seat and side mirrors according to their profile settings. Additionally, a total of four drive profiles can be stored if there are multiple regular drivers of the vehicle.

Customizable gauge clusters
The innovative dial-within-a-dial layout of the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit will keep the tachometer and speedometer in place, as those are likely to be most important to drivers. However, inside of those dials can also display a compass, estimated fuel economy and estimated remaining range until the fuel tank is empty.

Hands-free calling
Being able to connect a smartphone to a vehicle’s infotainment system is nothing new. However, the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit systems not only takes this capability a step further, it also puts that information front-and-center behind the steering wheel. Drivers will be able to access their contact list and most recent contacts using steering-wheel-mounted controls.

Feature available may differ, depending on which Volkswagen model someone chooses that is equipped with the digital cockpit display. The best way to learn what is available is to schedule a test drive with a Spitzer VW sales professional today.

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