Spring Car Care Tips for You Volkswagen

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Spring Car Care Tips for You Volkswagen

Spring Car Care Tips for Your Volkswagen

Prep Your VW for Spring

When the snow melts and Spring brings out warmer weather, it’s important to make sure that your car is ready for the heat, rain, and whatever else the season has in store. Here at Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst, we’re here to help you keep your VW in its best shape, no matter the season. Come with us as we discuss some helpful tips on how to care for your vehicle when Spring arrives, and make sure that your vehicle is always ready for what lies ahead.

Spring Maintenance Car Care Tips

Here are some helpful things that you can do for your Volkswagen to get it ready for the Spring.

Wash and Detail Your Volkswagen

Winter can be super harsh on your vehicle. Between salt from the roads beating on your undercarriage, and contaminants eating away at your paint, winter can be very damaging to your paint. When spring arrives, it’s important to wash off those harmful minerals that can damage your paint. A quality wash and paint detailing not only washes away those harmful minerals that can stick to your paint from the winter, but detailing seals your paint and forms a protective layer to give it that showroom shine.

Test and Inspect Your Battery

Your battery can take a beating during the winter. When temperatures rise, it’s important to make sure that your battery is still strong. Performing a simple battery test can determine if your battery is still operating at its peak performance, or if it’s time for replacement.

Inspect and Replace Your Wiper Blades

Freezing temperatures can be brutal on your windshield wipers, causing them to be brittle and less effective when the rainy season comes. Before you ever reach for your windshield wiper stalk, check your windshield wipers and make sure they’re still effective in keeping your windshield clear.

Check Your Air Conditioning

Nothing is worse than reaching for your air conditioning on a hot day, and warm air starts blowing through your vents. Getting your air conditioning serviced before Spring not only helps you stay cool and comfortable when temperatures rise, but it also ensures that your air compressor is in good shape. Running your air conditioning without Freon, or with leaks in the system, not only leads to your discomfort, but can also lead to damage to your compressor.

Check Those Tires

Making sure your tires are in good enough shape for Spring not only means checking your tire pressure to make sure they’re set to the right PSI, but it also means checking your tire tread to make sure that you’ve got sufficient tread.

If you use snow tires during the winter months, be sure to switch back to all-season tires for Spring to optimize your fuel economy and get the most life out of your tires.

Trust the Experts at Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst

At Spitzer Volkswagen Amherst, we can handle all of your VW Spring maintenance services. Not only are our technicians VW experts, but they each use genuine Volkswagen replacement parts to keep your car running like new all year round.

Whether you need an oil change, transmission fluid flush, or something as simple as a wiper blade change, we can do it all.

Keep your VW in its best shape by trusting the experts at our Volkswagen maintenance center in Amherst, OH!

Schedule Service and Take Advantage of Exclusive Savings!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these maintenance tips for your VW, and we welcome you to come in and trust the experts here at our service center to keep your vehicle in its best shape. Whether you’re in Lorain or Henrietta, you can trust that you’ve come to the right place. Not only do our expert technicians use genuine VW parts, but we also feature incredible service specials that help you save money!

Pair exclusive savings with our friendly customer service and you’ll quickly see that there’s no better Volkswagen service center in Amherst, OH than the one here at Spitzer Volkswagen!

Schedule your appointment today and trust your Volkswagen in the hands of the experts!

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