What is Volkswagen Carefree Coverage?

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What is Volkswagen Carefree Coverage?

Volkswagen Dealership Spotlights Volkswagen Coverage

There is nothing better than a thrilling drive in a VW. Whether you are seeking a sedan or SUV, know that the lineup at our Volkswagen dealership includes the latest and greatest models equipped with intuitive technology, high-performing engines, comfort-driven cabins and enhanced safety features.

You can feel good about buying or leasing a new vehicle with our premium Volkswagen warranty options, that include Volkswagen Carefree Coverage. Stop in at Spitzer Volkswagen today to learn more about the benefits of our Volkswagen coverage and to test drive your next VW sedan or SUV.

The Benefits of Volkswagen Carefree Coverage

Simply put, this Volkswagen coverage gives all new VW owners access to a line of services and support to enhance their daily driving experience. Included with the Volkswagen Carefree Coverage program is two years or 20,000 miles of scheduled Volkswagen carefree maintenance. This offers no-cost maintenance for tire rotations, oil change service, multi-point inspections and fluid checks during the recommended VW maintenance intervals.

It’s peace of mind you deserve that comes with maintenance reminders and updates on your Volkswagen coverage when you purchase or lease a new VW sedan or SUV. Our team is happy to update you on the additional perks of the Volkswagen Carefree Coverage program when you contact us at our Volkswagen dealership in Amherst, OH.

Never Get Stranded With Volkswagen Coverage

In addition to a premium Volkswagen warranty, you can count on the Volkswagen coverage you need to rescue you on the side of the road. Volkswagen Carefree Coverage comes with three years of 24/7 roadside assistance.

If your vehicle breaks down, your battery charge dies, you run out of gas or you have a flat tire, we’ve got you covered with this Volkswagen coverage. Volkswagen Carefree Coverage will even tow your vehicle to our Volkswagen dealership for free so you can get the auto repairs you need, when you need them.

A Volkswagen Warranty With Ultimate Protection

Although there is no denying that VWs are manufactured with high-quality parts and components, there may be times when you need maintenance. Volkswagen Carefree Coverage comes with a 4-year or 50,000 mile bumper-to-bumper limited Volkswagen warranty on all new vehicles.

Inquire with our certified technicians to determine the auto repairs you need and save with Volkswagen Carefree coverage. In addition to an impressive Volkswagen warranty, VW Carefree Coverage also gives you access to remote services. Simply download the Car-Net app to your smartphone and access the suite of features that include family guardian alerts, remote commands, parking information services and vehicle health reports. Find convenience and remote access to your vehicle when taking advantage of this Volkswagen coverage.

Select Your Next VW Today at Our Volkswagen Dealership

In addition to the benefits of Volkswagen Carefree Coverage and a premium Volkswagen warranty, there are many perks to financing or leasing an all-new Volkswagen SUV or sedan. Our vehicles feature high-end luxuries, premium performance, innovative technology and safety that allows you to drive with confidence.

Now is the time to stop in at our Volkswagen dealership to learn more about Volkswagen Carefree Coverage and select your next VW to drive off the lot.

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