Why does my car accelerate slower with the AC on?

September 12th, 2018 by

It’s summer, which means you’ll likely be running the AC quite a bit to survive the higher temperatures, especially if you’re somewhere humid. However, depending on what you’re driving, you may have noticed a weird trend between your car’s acceleration and the air conditioner. For many people, their car will accelerate slower with the AC on, but why is that? You can find answers below!

Reasons why cars accelerate slower when running the AC

If you drive a sports car or something with a lot of power, then this problem might be foreign to you. But older cars and more economic vehicles usually have to deal with this issue during the same. Basically, when running the AC, it can be tougher for a car to accelerate, especially if you’re getting on a highway or need to pass someone.

What is happening is, basically, the air conditioner system needs extra power to run and that power is coming from your engine. With less power to work with, it means your engine isn’t able to put everything it has into accelerating – thus you often have a slower or sluggish acceleration. If you really step on the gas pedal, you’ll also notice that your RPMs skyrocket and you’ll get quite a bit of noise from your engine.

Get an AC Check in Amherst OH

Is it time for your car to have its AC unit looked at? Are you worried that your sluggish acceleration may be signs of another issue? If so, you can always bring your car to the service center at Spitzer Volkswagen! We’ll make sure your car is road ready!

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